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Man Builds Tiny House For A 60 Year Old Homeless Woman

A 37  year old man, Elvis Summers, noticed a woman sleeping outside his Los Angeles home and decided he wanted to help by building her a tiny house, complete with a roof, a window, and a lock. Smokie, 60, had been sleeping outside and managed to build a friendship with Elvis Summers, who lived in a home close to where she slept, according to Hot Topics. According to the Good News Network, Summers wanted to help her, but he did not know how. That’s when he was inspired by

Motivational Video by Abbie Foster

Abbie Foster – She is our Regular Hero of the day for being so brave and sharing her story to the world. “This video was hard for me to make, but I made this for anyone that is struggling out there. I want you to know that recovery is possible and that things will get better.” To learn more about how you can help bring awareness and/or donate to the Lovato Scholarship, make sure to check out the Hope Dealer campaign here: Hope Dealer #MakingThingsBetter #RegularHero #L

Meet Bob Wobbles

Bob J Wobbles is a Cocker Spaniel Chihuahua Mix who devotes his time volunteering at Regular Hero to make things better. We adopted Wobbles and his brother SoCal in early 2013. Wobbles was just a pup who had a neurological disorder that makes his body “wobble” continually. The vet told us that he was dropped as a baby by the previous owners and set him back to the shelter. The vet also let us know that this disorder does not stop him from sleeping, eating, walking, runn

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