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Regular Pure Water Coalition

For Release:
A life-saving water solution to be introduced by the new, civilian-led Regular Pure Water Coalition
• Regular Hero and the Water Rescue Foundation introduce an Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology plan—a life-saving water solution for the people of Flint.
• Announcing the new, civilian-led Regular Pure Water Coalition, bringing together Flint residents, activists, nonprofits, and companies specializing in new water technology.

WHEN/WHERE: MLK Springtime Pop-Up Event
Saturday, April 27th from 1-5 PM
on Martin Luther King Avenue

WHO: Anita MonCrief, Coalition organizer (903) 265-4973

Regular Hero and the Water Rescue Foundation, led by Moses West, are pleased to introduce a new, potentially life-saving water solution to the people of Flint. The Regular Pure Water Coalition will introduce Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology
to the citizens of Flint and build relationships around our common goal of solving the clean water crisis in Flint and beyond.
Regular Hero is teaming up with The Water Rescue Foundation and Water Pure Technologies to supply clean water to Flint. This civilian-led coalition, launching today, brings together Flint residents, activists, nonprofits, and companies specializing in new water technology.
Called the Regular Pure Water Coalition, we will create awareness of new, sustainable water technology that ensures children and adults in Flint—and across the globe—have safe drinking water. This is an exciting new partnership as we continue to grow and spread the message about
the work both the Water Rescue Foundation and Water Pure Technologies are involved in. The Water Rescue Foundation (, founded by retired US Army Captain Moses West, just completed a full year creating and serving a million liters of free, clean drinking water to the people of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Moses West is driven by a single goal; to provide clean drinking water to people in need. The Foundation was formed to ensure that the groundbreaking technology— Atmospheric Water Generation—is available to the people who need it most.


"We [the Water Rescue Foundation] bypass the inefficiencies and bureaucracy that impede progress, deployment and implementation of this new and innovative technology,” remarked Moses West, founder of the Water Rescue Foundation. “I, for one, will not stand to let one more day pass without doing my absolute best to ensure this technology is provided to the people that need it the most." Water Pure Technologies was founded in order to create the most scientifically advanced water filtration and water treatment products in the world. Science and innovation are the key foundational principles for the company—world leaders in water purification with certified space technology. They design, develop,

and distribute the world's most advanced water filtration systems, co-developed by NASA for use on Space Exploration. And, foundational to all three organizations is their commitment to leadership and community service.


“The goal of Regular Hero is to work with the community to inspire positive change,” says Curtis Harkness, Executive Director of Regular Hero. “By bringing together partners for the Regular Pure Water Coalition, we will help bring options to residents to solve the clean water crisis in Flint, and that in turn will be used in other places that need clean water. We don't do this for recognition or power. We simply believe that all people deserve clean water—no matter where you are from or who you are. Everyone can be a Regular Hero. Just do what you can with what you have right now and help makethings better.”

For more information please go to


Anita MonCrief, Coalition Organizer - (903) 265-4973,
Moses West, The Water Rescue Foundation – 210.882.6508


About Moses West, Founder, The Water Rescue Foundation:
Mr. West is a retired veteran Military Officer, Army Ranger and Test Pilot. He served in the Korean demilitarized zone and in the second Gulf War. He is the originator of the patented AWG Systems and Methods Process to produce water. Mr. West has advanced the atmospheric water generation technology in the United States working with nonprofit organizations, U.S. government agencies and the United
States military.

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