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Help steve help

Steve Simeone is a world-traveling American stand-up comedian, podcaster,

humanitarian. His weekly podcast is called “Good Times with Steve Simeone” and is a

regular at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood.


After attending a blood drive at a local Children’s Hospital, Steve made it his mission to

help as many families as possible. He began organizing charity events for children and,

with the help of his comedian friends, regularly organizes pizza parties, toy drives, and

provides financial assistance to families in need.


What is Help Steve Help?

Regular Hero has partnered with Steve, and the comedy community, to create a

campaign to help kids and families in need. 

Our mission at Help Steve Help is to help families with children who have severe health

conditions. Despite the many challenges they face, these families are active in giving

back to their community. We believe it’s time for them to be rewarded.


Whether it be financial relief from bills, or providing a joyous experience for the family,

we aim to help them in any way we can during this difficult time.

We are a huge proponent of the kindness feedback loop, it’s what sets us apart from

other charity campaigns. How? Once we’re able to provide a family with some financial

relief, or a joyful experience, they nominate the next family for us to help. Keeping the

kindness feedback loop going.


Hi everyone! Meet our new featured family on @HelpSteveHelp: The Chavez Family.


Brenda and Felix Chavez are devoted parents to Angel and Bayla. This is their story: Bayla Chavez was diagnosed in utero with a heart condition. She underwent 3 open heart surgeries within her first year of life. She had her 4th open heart surgery at age 3.


The following is a message from Brenda Chavez, “I always like to remind people that miracles do exist, and we have ours in bayla knowing she wasn’t suppose to make it this far and here she is with us, even with her heart and health condition she still manages to try her best to strive through day by day.


How can @HelpSteveHelp?: “One of our goals is to catch up on our house payment, as well as be able to take a Disney day with the kids if possible.”

DONATe a $1

Steve and the comedy community are asking you to say #ImGivingABuck and simply… give a buck.


Together we can create an army of $1.

Just one dollar a month can make all the difference

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