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Yinz ahta buy this shirt to help our partners at Crossroads get a truck in order to help feed kids all over the globe. A lot of us at the Regular Hero crew grew up in Pennsylvania and wanted to represent our roots.  If you’re a true Yinzr you’ll enjoy the vids below.

We need your help to buy a 53 foot refrigerated tractor trailer for $16,000 that can haul 10 million pounds of food a year to distribute to people in need. When you do the math, each dollar you donate is worth 625 pounds of food. Our partners at CrossRoads Alliance have developed an extensive network of food donors which enables them to do so much good for so little money. This truck will also help them to generate approximately $130,000.00 / year by making deliveries on the way to pick up donations. 100% of your donation will go to CrossRoads Alliance. Tell 16,000 friends to donate a dollar, donate $16,000 yourself, or buy 640 t shirts and we can help hungry people in need get millions of pounds of food. DONATE HERE… THANK YOU!


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