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Awaken Arts Recap

We just completed another great session at Awaken Arts!  We started off with over 200 cadets drawing depictions of their past.  The following week the kids began painting on masks to represent their present self.  On the front of the mask, they were also told to draw how they think others see them, either negative or positive.

Awaken Arts teaches over 10 types of art forms including guitar, drums, acting and many more.  The photography and graphic design group teamed up to create their own custom shirts.  They learned the complete process of screen printing to photoshoot to marketing their product.  As week 3 came, they printed their shirts and are selling them on our site to raise money to buy the art supplies for the program.

Throughout the program, the mentors prepare the kids for the Talent Show at the end of the 4th session.  The kids are able to see their skills develop through the 4 weeks and it lets them show off their new art.  This provides the kids a chance to express what they were taught and gives them a deadline to complete any projects they were working on.

To learn more on how to become a mentor, visit and find out more info on the program and how you can get involved.

You can also get dope gear in our shop where 100% of the proceeds go towards helping Awaken Arts buy more art supplies and continue the program.


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