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Backpack Blessings

Our Regular Hero of the day is Alexandra Alber, a 17-year-old junior at Holdrege High School. She created a program called Backpack Blessings in an effort to help hungry children in her own community. When she participated in the Youth Engaged in Leading Phelps program this past year, she was challenged to come up with a service project to benefit her community. Alexandra researched the number of children on free and reduced lunches at the elementary schools in Holdrege and was surprised to learn that 132 children qualified in 2010.

“Feeding our starving children can start right here at home, and that is what I am hoping to accomplish with this project,” Alexandra said, “If they can’t pay for their lunch at school, you never know what they’re getting at home.”

Backpack Blessings packs and donates a bag of food for kids to take home in their backpacks over the weekend. The mission for Backpack Blessings is “to supply good meals to children and to make people aware of the needs in Holdrege.” They hope to start up the program when school starts in the fall.

Helping others in need in your community is a Regular Hero act.

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KEEP IT SIMPLE: Do all you can, with what you have right now!

BE THERE: Look for opportunities to help. Be proactive not reactive.

HELP OTHERS SUCCEED: Promote others and think creatively about how you can help them succeed.


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