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Givers vs. Takers

 Our Regular Hero of the day is Michael Jr. Many people think that his big break was The Tonight Show, but he believes it was at a club where he realized that he had a bigger purpose with his comedy. All comedians have a punch line to their jokes, but his is to make laughter common in uncommon places. Most professionals in his field want to get laughs out of people, but he is a comedian who wants to give these people an opportunity to laugh.

     One good point he brought up was that we need to stop asking ourselves “what can I get for myself,” and start asking the question “what can i give from myself.” Majority of the problems we face in today’s world all revolve around the idea of society being “takers” as opposed to “givers.”

     Michael Jr.’s philosophy goes hand in hand with what we believe here at Regular Hero. No matter your situation, we all have something to offer – we believe that giving is the one action we can all do to make the world a better place.

You can learn more about Michael Jr. here

Video provided by I Like Giving


KEEP IT SIMPLE: Do all you can, with what you have right now!

BE THERE: Look for opportunities to help. Be proactive not reactive. 

HELP OTHERS SUCCEED: Promote others and think creatively about how you can help them succeed.


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