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“Where I’m from, there’s a lot of gang culture and things like that, so instead of throwing on up gang signs, which we used to, I put a Blood and I put a Crip together and we’re throwing up hearts,” Kendrick Lamar said during a September 2014 interview. “Sparking the idea of some type of change through music or through me because I go back to the city now and people give me the honor and respect that, you know, this kid can change a little bit something different that’s been going on in the community.”

On July 18, Reebok released the “Reebok Classic x Kendrick Lamar Ventilator.” The sneakers feature “Neutral” on the inside of each tongue. The back of each shoe is inscribed with “BLUE” on one foot and “RED” on the other. In a gang of colorways from highlighter yellow to baby blue and will actually be affordable for the every day kid at $75—just as Kendrick wanted.

TDE posted a video of Piru member “G Weed” and Crip member “Jigga” discussing how Kendrick’s message impacts young people.

“Music is real influential, and you got people like Kendrick that’s promoting unity,” said G Weed. “Everything starts with kids. That makes these kids wanna be cool with each other. No matter what neighborhood they grow up in.”

Weed and Jigga also got the chance to get an early preview of K. Dot’s Reebok Ventilators.

“This message is about a whole lot of peace and unity,” added Jigga on the rapper’s sneakers. “Kendrick is giving us a reason and understanding of why we should have unity.”

The limited edition “Reebok Classic x Kendrick Lamar Ventilators” are available on, Shiekh, Shoe Palace, Bait, DTLR and Shoe City for $125.


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