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Sometimes happiness is found in kind words and smiles, other times it’s found in a thin crust with extra cheese. Aside from our Blood Drives at Children’s Hospital, Regular Hero has recently been partnering up with KONY Pizza, Fresh Brothers, Breezy Freeze Premium Snowball Company, and Raul Gonzalez to hold weekly pizza parties for staff, patients, and their families at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Because we love doing this so much we teamed up with Epic Pillow Fight to make an exclusive Regular Hero Pizza Party pillow for you! With The donations made from the pillows, we’ll be able to keep sharing the laughter and XL goodness with our new friends. Pick up one in our shop today and share a smile!

Don’t let us be the only ones – contact a hospital near you and see about holding your own Regular Hero pizza party!

Staff of Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles saying ‘Thank You’ with their new Regular Hero capes.

Our new friend Sammy enjoying a slice of pizza while sporting her new pizza slip-on Vans.

Friend’s and family showing off their Regular Hero capes.

Steve Simeone, Vinny Fasline, Michael Flores, Al Coronel, Jonny Louasto, and Karen Dezelle enjoying KONY Pizzeria at the Regular Hero Pizza Party in Los Angeles.

Hangouts with friends after pizza.

Regular Hero staff and volunteers celebrating Friday with our new pillows!


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