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Man Builds Tiny House For A 60 Year Old Homeless Woman

A 37  year old man, Elvis Summers, noticed a woman sleeping outside his Los Angeles home and decided he wanted to help by building her a tiny house, complete with a roof, a window, and a lock.

Smokie, 60, had been sleeping outside and managed to build a friendship with Elvis Summers, who lived in a home close to where she slept, according to Hot Topics.

According to the Good News Network, Summers wanted to help her, but he did not know how.

That’s when he was inspired by similar tiny house projects started around the country to help homeless people feel a little safer living in the streets.

The time lapse video below shows Summers working on Smokie’s home. He said in total, the entire projects cost him about $500.

Other homeless people in the area told Summers that they would also like a tiny house. Determined to help as many people as possible, Summers started a GoFundMe page to raise money.

This is what a Regular hero is all about and we think what he’s doing is awesome! #MakingThingsBetter #RegularHero


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