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Regular Hero 2017 Update

Thank you for supporting us and thank you for being a Regular Hero! From helping kids and their families at the Children’s Hospital to serving vets at the VA, 2017 is off to a great start! Keep smiling, go outside, and make things better in your community today! REGULAR HERO is a 501(c)3 non-profit that raises awareness and resources to MAKE THINGS BETTER for people in need around the world.

NEW MONITORS AND HEAD SETS FOR BLOOD DONOR CENTER AT CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Along with doing our blood drives at CHLA, we were able to get them new monitors and ear phones for all their donor stations. These are used by the blood donors to relax while being Regular Heroes and helping to save a kid’s life. In just 1 pint of blood, up to 3 children can be treated. Donating blood is a great way to be a Regular Hero. We encourage you to go out in your local community and donate blood to help save a kid’s life today!

MEET CASEY FISHER Meet our new Regular Hero Buddy Casey Fisher! He is currently waiting for a heart transplant at CHLA and we are going to party with him until he gets one! Make sure to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks to our comedian friends and Regular Heroes, we have some special treats in store for him that will be sure to make him smile from ear to ear. We’ll keep you updated with his story and be sure to follow him @caseyfisher2022. He told us yesterday that he wants to get 1000 followers so let’s help him out!

VA PROGRAMS WITH AWAKEN ARTS Big shout out to Regular Hero Jon Harguindeguy! Jon runs the Awaken Arts Veterans Program that helps vets suffering from PTSD to heal through the arts. Awaken Arts believe that when we create together, we heal together. Check out your local VA to see how you can serve a veteran in your community and thank them for their service.

#30for30Curtis Regular Hero team member, Curtis Harkness, celebrated his 30th birthday earlier in February by doing a 30 for 30 campaign. Instead of birthday gifts, he asked friends and family to donate $30 to Regular Hero and encouraged everyone to go out and do something to make things better. Thank you Curtis for your hard work and dedication!


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