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Regular Hero Makers Series: Lawreance Grey of Young Producers Group

Young Producers Group (YPG) runs electronic music workshops in schools and after school programs across Los Angeles. YPG exposes kids form K-12 to the world of music production and writing. They use music to break down barriers connecting  kids from all types of backgrounds and cultures with one common goal of creating music. Regular Hero ‘Makers Series’ sat down with the founder of the Young Producers Group, Lawrence Grey, to talk about what inspired him to start YPG, his passion for making electronic music, writing sessions with 6 year olds, and how he is making things better.

Watch our Lawrence Grey interview up top and be sure to listen to some original music in the sidebar created by the kids of YPG. Also check out the FAQ section of our Makers Series where Lawrence expands of the process of making music with the kids and how the workshops programs are funded.

Regular Hero also teamed up with YPG to create a capsule collection with all proceeds going to help put kids through the music workshops. Click the banner to check it out.

Check out the music video, put together by our friends at Pico Studio, of the kids song ‘Boom Snap Clap’.  The song and video was created by the 5th and 6th graders at TEACH Academy of Technologies Charter Middle School in South LA. 

Geralenn Ginn a 16-year-old rapper from South LA with talent far beyond her years. After rapping for Lawrence Grey during an electronic music demonstration at her high school, he quickly started producing for her. This documentary was created as collaboration between his company Young Producers Group and Pico Studio to showcase her talent.


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