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Regular Hero of the Day | Ramses Barden

This past Saturday, Regular Hero teamed up with Super Bowl Champion Ramses Barden And Monet Cares, Inc. to helped kids open up their creative side as well as their athletic side at Ramses’ Sports Camp, SOUL GLOW. The camp’s focus was…Focus. We all lose it a little as we grow older, but Ramses and our mission was to get the kids to refine that simple skill and allow them to cultivate their interests not only in athletics but art. There were many great people that came to help, some highlights to mention were Ryan Hollins, Ariel Miranda, Kevin Veillard and Monet Bagneris from Monet Cares, Inc.

It was great to see kids in capes running around, dancing and creating. Big Shout out to Core Water for being there to hydrate the kids and all the volunteers that came together to make it such a successful event. All of them are Regular Heroes.


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