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Regular Hero Of The Day: Thomas Knox Bringing Smiles to the Subways

Amid the grit and grime of the New York City subway, one man is bringing some fun to commuters.

Thomas Knox, 28, sets up a pop-up booth at various Manhattan subway stations for people to sit down for a chat or a game while they wait for their train, CBS New York reported. Called “Date While You Wait,” Knox hopes his project will bring joy to travelers’ days.

Knox first gained attention for his project in June, when he took to Manhattan’s Union Square subway stop with a foldout table and two photographers in tow to record the event, DNAinfo reported.

The project gained traction, with July 2 being the third session of “Date While You Wait,” the New York Times reported. Though Knox’s sign touts the initiative as a date, he says his intention is simply for people to have a positive social interaction.

“I am not looking for love through this particular channel,” he told the Times.

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