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Regular Hero’s Of The Day

Our Regular Hero’s of the day are the 28 volunteers from Meadowbrook Church’s Serve Team in Ocala, Florida. The team helped inventory and organize all the of the donated medical supplies, food, water, etc. in our partners, Crossroads A&M warehouse. Millions of dollars worth of medical supplies and equipment have been organized to be shipped to people in need in Honduras and Nicaragua. They also helped us sort over 15,000 beverages donated by PepsiCo that will be distributed to food pantries through out the U.S. Helping this many people will not be possible without the hard work of the volunteers from Meadowbrook. Volunteering is how you be a Regular Hero. Go outside and find a place where you can volunteer to Make Things Better today. Check out the Crossroads collection where all proceeds from the sales of these products goes towards shipping these supplies.


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