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Regular Hero: Skid Robot

Those who say graffiti doesn’t accomplish much haven’t seen the work of Skid Robot, an anonymous street artist in Los Angeles who uses his medium to draw attention to the homeless — a population he laments is so often overlooked.

Skid Robot humanizes the homeless by incorporating them into his art, creating scenes in which the subjects aren’t just a faceless person, down on their luck. Instead, he highlights their struggle by juxtaposing them with spray painted versions of their needs, wants and dreams.

“I’m drawing attention to a human being who more often than not is looked at as nonexistent,” he said of his jarring art. “I hardly think that is using them to my benefit.”

“I offer whatever help that I can, I try to get to know some of these people and give them an open ear and heart,” he continued. “My message is one of compassion, to look out for those who are less fortunate and to do for others.”

To read more on Skid Robot click here


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