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Sandwiches for Dayzzz

Our Regular Hero is Marley Maron, a first year UCLA student with the largest meal plan you can possibly get at the school. You may be wondering what happens to the extra meals that students don’t use… With Marley’s extra meal plan swipes at the end of the quarter, instead of binge eating all the pizza and gelato she could ever imagine or just letting them go to waste, she went out to make things better  for someone else.  Marley said, “I had 140 swipes leftover and instead of donating swipes to Swipes for Homeless I wanted to actually pass out the sandwiches myself.”

Marley used her 140 leftover swipes, equal to $1228.50, to pay for 140 sandwich combos from UCLA’s B Café to-go dining hall. Her and her boyfriend headed out to downtown LA on Skid Row and personally handed out the meals to the homeless people they met. She recorded her trip on her Snapchat story as “burritoprincess.”

Marley fed 140 strangers that day by simply being a Regular Hero. So far, she has done this 2 quarters in a row and plans to make it a tradition for as long as she lives in the school’s dorms. There are so many different ways to become a Regular Hero, what will you do?

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