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The Real Hip Hop

Hip Hop great Nas has just released a short 6 minute mini-documentary that focus on hip-hop and more specifically breakdancing around the world. The video goes to countries like Yemen, Cambodia, and Colombia and highlights the positive effect of hiphop in those regions of the world. With all the negativity surrounding mainstream hiphop (or as some call it “hip-pop”)  its lyrics, and the lifestyle portrayed it is refreshing to see the genre portrayed in an uplifting light.

This quote from the video paints the picture of how loudly this video speaks and how much it says in just 6 mins. Speaking on how hip hop positively effects the community he lives in, a man says…

“I think poverty is something that comes from inside … Poverty doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of funds or money. To me it is a lack of self esteem, because you find a person with high self esteem, you know, a person can do anything.”

Two thumbs up to Nas and Guardian for creating a great piece of content!


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