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What’s Better Pikachu Ridin’ On A Unicorn Blowing Bubbles Or A Bacon Vacation?

We want to highlight Lawrence Grey and The Young Producers Group as Regular Hero’s. With the help of Pico Studio, they made an awesome music video featured above titled “Boom Snap Clap”. The tracks above have all  been made and produced by the kids at YPG.

Lawrence Grey created Young Producers Group (YPG) to connect young people from all over Los Angeles through electronic music. Kids in East, West, and South LA are all very interested in Techno, Hip Hop, House, Dubstep, etc. and, under Lawrence’s guidance, they are learning how to produce tracks in these styles. With so many talented young people all over the city, YPG brings kids from different worlds together, challenging the social boundaries that often limit kids from different parts of the city from connecting.

Lawrence runs YPG workshops in studios across Los Angeles in addition to teaching electronic music in Los Angeles public schools and non-profits. Writing and performing music in styles like Techno, Hip Hop, House, Dubstep, etc., Lawrence is in the unique position of offering his students an insiders view into producing electronic music.

To listen to an entire EP free, click here

Video credit: Pico Studio


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